Update: Mælkepulver

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Skrevet den 01.02.2019
Update: Mælkepulver

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1. Februar 2019
Kilde: Procudan

Market update: Milkpowder

Latest update on whole milk, skimmed milk and organic.

Update (German origin):

  • Whole milk 26%: Prices continue upwards for 3rd week in a row. The market for whole milk powder is influenced by exports to third countries and prices continue to be firm.
  • Skimmed milk: The prices for skimmed milk powder are generally stable, but at a higher level than previous weeks.
  • Organic: Prices are increasing due to higher cost of e.g. hay - resulting from dry summer conditions and poor yield of qualified feed materials.

In Germany, the seasonal increase in milk deliveries continued in mid-January. According to a quick news release from Central German market stock exchange for milk products, dairies recorded 0.9% more milk in the third week than in the previous week. As a result, the gap to the previous year's line shrank to 1.5%. At the same time, France recorded 2.6% less milk than in the same week last year.

Skimmed milk concentrate is in high demand and traded at firmer prices compared to the previous week. The demand for skimmed milk powder has calmed down a bit recently. However, there is still interest in buying both for short-term deliveries. Requests for supplies to the world market have been broadly stable inside the EU market, but still affect prices.

Due to the upcoming Chinese New Year, there could be a short-term decline in activity in the demand from the Asian region. The recent invitation to tender for the sale of skimmed-milk powder from intervention stocks has received fewer quantities in terms of volume than in previous deadlines. As a result, stocks are sold in Spain, Slovakia, Finland and the United Kingdom (and not in Scandinavia).

31. Maj 2018
Kilde: Procudan

Market development: Milkpowder

Procudan experiences major market fluctuations within more of the milpowder variants. 

Prices continue to increase for below products:

  • Skimmed milk powder (SMP)
  • Whole milk powder incl. organic  (WMP)
  • Butter milk powder (BMP)
  • Whey powder
  • Cream Powder

Average price increase through May 2018 has been 3-4%.

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