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Skrevet den 31.05.2018
Update: Sødestoffer

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31. Maj 2018
Kilde: Procudan

Market development: Aspartam E-951

Procudan experiences substantial market developments for sweeteners, especially Aspartame E-951.


  • Clear indications that market price will rise significantly for aspartame material in the near future.
  • Customers are advised to cover volumens as soon as possible, as this situation could last throughout 2018 and possibly longer.

Detailed information

Several producers have simultaneously stopped to give offers for aspartame and indicated, that prices are about to go up.

This is a common tactic to manipulate the market, as seen before with sucralose and ascorbic acid. The underlying reason for doing so – apart from the obvious, is the manufacturers location in the Jiangsu province of China.

Following the “Blue Sky Initiative” to combat the increasing air pollution, Jiangsu has become a key area for government environmental inspections this year. In order to counter environmental restrictions and possible reduced output later this year, suppliers have build up stock and are now manipulating the market price to boost profit.

Procudan predicts that this situation may last for quite a while. 

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