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Our customer’s requirements are always the starting point to the right solution

For many years, Procudan has developed, produced and delivered packaging to all of Scandinavia. We have the experience, ability and technical knowledge to provide the right solution and packaging, whether your objective is cost reduction, new development, product optimization or something else.
With our wide network of partners, we offer to manage or take part in your project, from trend analysis, product development, choice of packaging machinery and materials for the delivery of the right solution.

No restrictions
One of our great strengths is that our broad network of manufacturers can always customize the packaging according to your requirements. Unlike many others, Procudan always focus on your requirements in relation to the solution, as we are not forced to try to combine your requirements with our own production constraints.

Food and documentation
Due to our sales of ingredients for the food – and the pharmaceutical industry, Procudan is always abreast about the latest legislation in relation to the packaging of food and pharma products.
Being Procudan’s customer, you will always be sure about receiving correct advice and documentation in relation to food contact materials. For us, food safety in packaging forms a natural part of the cooperation with our customers in the food industry.

Quality and price
Our products are characterized by high quality at very competitive prices, whether the packaging is used in the food industry or in other industries.
It is often seen that companies have chosen to save a 5 cent on the packaging in the form of cheaper qualities, but with the result that the company has subsequently lost it all and more due to reduced efficiency, complaints , etc.

As Procudan’s customer, you will receive professional advice about packaging, so that you can be sure to get the right quality – and totally seen the best solution with the lowest price.

At Procudan, we have chosen to specialize in a few types of packaging. So whether you are talking about big bags, PP-bags, plastic packaging, paper packaging or lamination, then Procudan is your guarantee of the right packaging solution.

We dare to say no to a task
With respect for your time, we think that it may be better to decline a task. But most often, there will be many benefits for your business by choosing Procudan as a partner and provider of your packaging.

Contact Us
If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us for an informal meeting.