Consumers are demanding more natural flavours, driven by taste and by functional properties of the ingredients.

Balancing between the two extremes of health and pleasure, consumers are demanding more natural flavours, driven not only by taste but also by functional properties of the ingredients. Natural flavours are derived from fruits, herbs, trees or more adventurous ingredients such as cactus and lychee.

In 2016, ginger continues to be a hot trend and pumpkin is going to be seen in everything. However, 2016’s hottest drink trend – ranking from spirits, to juice-based beverages, to sparkling waters – is melon. Melon (with an array of exotic variants) fits the criteria of being both new and exotic while still comfortably familiar to consumers.

Another big 2016-trend is flavoured water. Variants with added vitamins and minerals together with energy-boosting waters will increase especially in popularity.

For both carbonated soft drinks and juice drinks the trend is pointing towards alternative natural sweeteners (e.g. Stevia). This trend could lead to mid-calorie carbonates becoming the new standard. For juice drinks another 2016-trend is to replace fruits with vegetables. Focusing on a green lifestyle and to make products less sweet.

Experimenting with tea is a huge 2016 product trend as producers are using the naturalness of tea as building blocks for creating delicious and refreshing, healthy ice teas.

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