We are experts in ingredients and packaging for food, and we believe that value is created together!

We know that our customers’ supply chain contains numerous resources and competencies. It’s about activating and organizing these together, so that the real value can be implemented. Therefore, our mission is “Adding value to your supply chain”.

Procudan has developed a solution, which has precisely the vision to create truly experienced value. The solution adds and frees resources in our customers’ everyday lives. This could be for example additional procurement competencies, less administration of suppliers, flexible storage and production capacity, customized logistics and risk management of critical raw materials focusing on securing supplies. All our deliveries are covered by high quality standards (read more here), and QA documentation, contract overview etc. are available online “24/7” on Procudan Xtranet. The total solution is what we call “Single Point Sourcing”.

When running business development together – developing value together – our customers obtain knowledge and inspiration about new trends. We bring creative and competent R&D capabilities from Procudan’s international partner network, and project resources for operation and implementation. This way, our customers’ existing food products can be optimized or new products can be developed.

We are driven by our values, being proactive and thereby making our customers’ experience greater than the expectation. We show respect and are efficient in the cooperation creating well-being for all parties.

Procudan is owned by CEO Tommy H. Pedersen.